What is AnotherChill gift card?

AnotherChill gift card is redeemable towards all products for multiple times until its balance goes to zero, including shipping fees. Once a gift card has been redeemed & added in to your AnotherChill account, the balance won’t be expired. It's non-refundable once the gift card has been purchased.

How can I get my AnotherChill gift card?

Your AnotherChill gift card may either be purchased on anotherchill.com, or may be gifted to you by someone else. The gift card purchaser will receive a confirmation email immediately after the purchase. Please allow 48 hours of order processing time before the gift card is delivered to its recipient via email. Currently, gift cards may only be purchased with credit cards.

What can gift cards be used for?

Gift cards can be used for any purchase within AnotherChill, along with other discount coupons and in-site promotional events. Please note that you are not able to use gift cards to purchase another gift card.

Can I send a gift card to someone who lives in a different country?

The gift cards can be redeemed by users who reside all the shipping countries in AnotherChill. The gift card can be redeemed in any currency based on the local exchange rate at the time of purchase. Your default currency will be set based on your first purchase.

How to check your gift card balance?

When you have used your gift card and would like to check your balance, simply click here and enter your gift card code to check it.

How can I return my gift card?

Gift cards cannot be returned once they are purchased and/or used. If you have further questions, please contact our customer service at service@anotherchill.com.